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Personalized Scribe Services.

A scribe assists physicians by documenting the patient encounter in real time, and by taking on many of the more time-consuming aspects of patient care. Those tasks include answering pages, starting discharge instructions, or pulling labs or x-rays.

At MedScribes, our goal is not to just provide basic scribe services, but scribe services that are truly personalized to the individual physicians with whom we work. That means writing in the vocabulary and style of the physician, customizing note templates, and building-out additional EHR shortcuts. Personalized scribe services also mean anticipating the providers needs, ideally before the provider even knows there is a need.

Areas in which we work:

  • Emergency Departments.
  • Outpatient Clinics.
  • Hospitalist Setting.

Individual Scribe Placement.

As a physician that stays late to complete notes for two or more hours after your shift has ended, you may recognize the potential time-savings offered by a scribe. But that sentiment may not be shared by administrators or department heads, and that is understandable.

In a limited number of instances, MedScribes has been able to place individual scribes with physicians that prefer to pay “out-of-pocket” for their services. Contact us to learn more about individual scribe placement in your area.